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Hello! I make ask blog, no? (this is an ask/ rp blog for north from rise of the guardians!)

CURRENTLY: Christmas is over. Happy New Year!
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"The only other great holiday besides Christmas has to be Halloween! I mean look at all the treats you can get!"

"And all the beauty outside too! It’s never too hot nor cold on Halloween."

"Ah yes the weather is quite good as well! We have you to thank for that I bet" North gave her a friendly wink.

Online, sorry I have not been on this week has been quite busy! I got to meet James and Oliver Phelps though! :D They were fantastic! read more is a picture we took ( I cosplayed Luna Lovegood :3 )

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"The only other great holiday besides Christmas has to be Halloween! I mean look at all the treats you can get!"





Whenever people call their boyfriend or girlfriend bae I just





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“I had a dream about you last night.. you were holding a pine cone and introducing him as Gerald.” (It's themetalmechanic but I moved blogs so Kasumi's here now c:)



(( Ahhhhh :D wooo!))

"That was no dream, so you have met Gerald after all?" North smirked while laughing his boisteous laugh.  "That is some dream to have had Kasumi!"

She listened to him, wishing that what he said might sink in and that for once she might listen. How often had she heard those words spoken to her? How often had her father insisted that she was not at fault? How he had promised that he would keep her safe, only to leave her too. She sighed softly, her grip to her elbows tightening as she looked up to North once again. Her amber eyes were hesitant and darker than usual. The walls she kept up in front of them had fallen to reveal the truly broken woman beneath them. She wasn’t certain what she should do. She had tried everything but no matter how she tried she simply couldn’t accept what had happened. The two of them had been so young but she had promised her sister that she would protect her and she failed. And to her that was something she could never forgive herself for. 

"I don’t know if I can accept it, North" She finally admitted, looking down at the few elves that looked up at her in concern "I failed her… I promised her I’d look after her and yet I couldn’t save her. I’ve been alone for so long that I don’t even know what acceptance is anymore". 

Heart breaking at her words, the guardian immediately pulled her into a giant hug. The woman has just been through so much; it was truly a signal of her strength that she was able to make it this far. He was so proud of her. “It takes time, it might take forever. Acceptance is important though.” North relayed softly, letting his hand run over her shoulder blades in a soothing gesture.

"You do not have to be alone if you do not wish to be"

I do not do welcoming posts anymore because honestly I became so sidetracked on them but North still wants to hear from you all! :D He loves meeting new people! Also Holy wow hello everyone!

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