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Hello! I make ask blog, no? (this is an ask/ rp blog for north from rise of the guardians!)

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"So you do not know of any spirits passing away? What about the old spirits that no one has spoken of for centuries."

The guardian hummed shortly, taking a moment to think about that. “While I myself have not known any spirits passing away; I suppose the older ones do tend to slowly disappear after a while. Some of the more older ones I have not heard about or seen in quite some time” The thought of it really concerned him.

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This is how I ask someone to RP:


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  2. Freeze
  3. Anxiety attack for about ten minutes
  4. Go back and open their askbox
  5. Freeze up
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  7. Cry
  8. Lots of crying

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"Do you think that spirits die?"

North thought about that for a moment. “I can’t say I know. I believe they do not. However I have no proof”

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"Why won’t you believe me?" - Seria (psst it's Kasumi-Mun)




North scrunched his eyebrows together; not sure at all what to say. “It is hard” He started, feeling as if the words were stumbling out of his mouth unfiltered. “I need proof!”

The change in his expression was all she needed to see, a small smile appearing at her lips as she watched him grow so wondered by her world. She though, for a moment, if perhaps she too had that look in her eyes with each new place she discovered. Or had the darkness in her heart finally prevented her from feeling that too? While she smiled, her eyes always appeared to be so sad and heavy. But seeing North react in such a way lifted that darkness ever so slightly. 

"I’m glad" she would say with a soft nod before she let the world around them disappear slowly back to their original surroundings. She couldn’t keep such a spell up for too long, the exertion would cause her to collapse eventually. "That place is my home. What you saw was the Kingdom Aurelia, one of seven kingdoms present in The Sidhe". She did enjoy explaining this as she loved to see the interested expressions it caused. 

"As for where it is, it is across the veils between worlds" she would say with a smile "It is almost directly parallel to your world and many items have been known to pass through". She had an entire library of books that had passed through this very veil. Reaching into her pouch at his last question, she would remove a light pink and slightly jagged crystal. 

"This is how I travel" she would say with a nod as she held it out for him to see "Using the spell I just cast, I am capable of looking into other worlds but I cannot interact with them. However, I can harness the energy from it as the veil is weakened. I store this energy into the crystal, capturing a single moment in time in which I can travel to in that world". She would raise a delicate hand to rest under her chin as her wings fluttered thoughtfully behind her "To activate the moment, I simply break the crystal".

The man noticed the sadness; wasn’t sure if commenting on it would be considered rude or not. They did just meet. Frowning slightly at the thought, North couldn’t help but feel worried about it.

North made a little face at the introduction of the crystal that could only be described as wonder and awe. “It looks somewhat like my snowglobes! Here, I show you!” A hand dug deep into his side pocket with alarming speed as the man tried to find what he was looking for before pulling out his own sphere that resting ontop of a small platform. “Ah yes, this is it! I do not think it can travel dimensions though; I have not tried!” He was going to try very soon though. Definitely something he wanted to try! How exciting!

"Sooooo inter-dimensional travel, Manny would get a kick out of that!" Surely his friend would love to get a shot at attempting that. Think about how many children in those places would need them! The thought made him pause for a moment; a question stuck in his mind.

"Do you have guardians where you come from as well? Whats it like. Is it like our dimension at all??"